Work In Progress (WIP)

“In progress” is more of a philosophy than a state of current flux. As a writer, I can tell you, writing is like cooking. One story may not be under the spatula/whisk/spoon/whatever, but if its on the stove, it’s being cooked. So from front burner to back burner, these are the works being cooked . . .

Backwards: A non-fiction work that asks a question of Biblical interpretation. In short, for nearly two thirds of the Bible, God’s people lived by a standard called the Torah (teaching) of Moses. In the modern church we call this Torah, law, and say that it no longer applies. But do we know why we say that? Does it seem odd that our proof texts come from the portion of scripture that was not even around when God’s people were “being asked” to make this huge paradigm shift? I think it’s odd and I think after reading this book, you will too.

Evangeline: This is the first in a trilogy (possibly, quartet). A sci-fi adventure about Empress weaving a dangerous political tapsestry with enemies within and without. Her only certain ally is a clone bread to have no choice, whose sole purpose is to keep her alive.

Aiyela the Space Gypsy: An ongoing (4 episodes and counting) series of MG short stories about a wandering teenager’s adventures in her mom’s old junker spaceship as she tries to get back home.

God of Heroes: The sequel to New Arbor Day. Can’t tell you much more than that I have a draft of the cover, and the opening teaser! For now we’ll just say, the end of New Arbor Day was only the warm-up.

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