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Capitalism is hated for the same reason Communism is hated

The title comes from a recent revelation. The Mrs. and I trying to sell the restaurant. We’re looking at selling it for hopefully ten thousand less than we bought it for. Despite improvements. Because we were the only people in … Continue reading

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There once was a sinless man . . . then we killed him.

Who was the first person called righteous in the Bible? Abel. What happened to him? His brother killed him. Why? Because Abel’s righteousness was respected by God, and Cain’s was not.   Who persecuted Isaac? Ishmael, his brother (born after … Continue reading

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In the last two weeks or so, I have seen two very different movies and walked away with two very different experiences. The first was The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry, and the other The Dark Knight Rises. What follows may … Continue reading

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