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Warrior or brawler?

Not getting a lot of feedback on Eusebius historical posts, so figured I should take a week or two off… I’ve never been known as a pacifist. Besides David and Goliath, I had Guy Williams as Zorro, Condorman, Batman, and … Continue reading

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Let There Be Night!

After a month of dial-up purgatory, God has allowed me a few minutes online. Watching Food.inc, I was not surprised to connect the failing of Americans’ health to an unkosher (literally un-fit) and unnatural food system. The movie just put another nail in the … Continue reading

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Is It Too Weird to Holy Kiss?

When God began to give me a family, I knew that I wanted it to be an affectionate family. That was easy in the beginning since I wanted to locks me some lips on my wifeses. Then a son came along … Continue reading

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Or so all my relatives in that area say. =) Despite or perhaps because of the benevolent indoctrination, it was a much needed vacation. Some highlights: Flying to Philly before we could fly to Seattle. And having a relatively peaceful … Continue reading

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Outliving our Usefulness?

The building I’m looking to rent for the Turtle is old. Out of date. The bathroom looks like it was around in the sixties. That’s the building I actually want. Another has a crack going up the outside wall. Despite … Continue reading

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