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What’s there to say about a guy like J.S. Clark? I think he’s pretty interesting, I’ve spent about three decades getting to know him and he still surprises me. He’s hard to describe though. He only stays in a box long enough to figure out where the opening is or find his long lost pocket knife and cut his way out. But I’ll give it a shot!

J.S. Clark is a self-published writer of speculative fiction (fantasy, science fiction, and things in between). He’s also been known to dabble at times in restaurant menus. He has written six novels, the latest of which finally became his debut, New Arbor Day available in ebook version and paperback. He lives near West Union, Ohio, where he and his wife own and operate a small to-go-eatery, serving the healthiest and best tasting food in town.

Before that, he was younger; single; studied business; served in the United States Marine Corps, where he learned he could eat almost anything if he was hungry enough; and has had a life-long relationship with the God of Yeshua Ha’Mashiah (Jesus Christ) from whom comes every good and perfect gift, including art.

When he’s not working for less than minimum wage with his wife, he is writing, catching up on errands, or occasionally sleeping. Nevertheless, he loves talking about the craft (as he calls it in his hoity-toity moments), or just hearing from his dozen-or-so fans (even Mom)! So drop him a line!

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  1. Gary's Help Meet says:

    Add me to your fan list! I enjoy writing as well. Many blessings to you and your wifie.

  2. I’ll have an answer for you when I can hopefully later today sometime.


    No personal offense, but I want one of these big name authors and critics so as to get as many eyes on it as possible. I believe probably honestly so, but you are DEAD wrong in your assessment of me and my motivations.

    • jsclark says:

      I am happy to be wrong. I didn’t want to presume, but I thought I should let you know how came across (at least to me). I’ll reply more to your Mike Duran comments.

  3. Hello fellow pilgrim on life’s journey,

    I thank Yahweh for your work on ‘renewed’ covenant as opposed to the ‘new’ that has been used to support the Marcion theology of an Old and New Covenant. Evidence shows that many things written and taken to be sacred and from the Holy Spirit, have been coloured be the agendas of the writer, even the ‘Holy Bible’.
    Be blessed J.S. Clark on this Sabbath day.

    • jsclark says:

      Hello, I’m sorry I didn’t see this one until recently. I’ve had a hectic seven or eight months . . . and people don’t usually post comments =) I’m happy to have them of course, but I don’t usually get them =)

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