The War over Star Wars

Number 8 is out and already digital ink is being shed over this new one. I haven’t even seen it, but found myself drawn in on the anti-side defending against the new one’s originality. Which again, I haven’t seen.

Does it seem strange to anyone else that this is such a big deal? Why does one side feel the need to convince the other it’s great? Why is another side offended that it even exists? I mean it’s a movie about people who don’t exist!

Allow me to muse over this. I think it has to do with the creative power God has given us in story telling.

At first, I didn’t think I could speak fairly because I despised episode 7. Hearing others praise it, I began to suspect that I had these feelings merely because it was different. Who was I to say a created story couldn’t be recreated? It’s not my story.

But, if I forget about Jar Jar in episode one and the awkward  acting in the prequels, 1 and 3 weren’t great, but they weren’t abominable. Even 2 had a high point. And I loved Rogue One even though it had no Jedi in it, none of the old characters, nor light saber scene (for all intents and purposes).

So, yes, I can accept change. Why then do I have such an aversion to so many new editions, not just star wars? Indiana 4, anyone?

I think it’s because Star Wars was part of my childhood. Even later, I could watch any of the first three on a semiregular basis and not be bored. To me, perhaps because I’m a writer, and can retain stories very well, stories become very real.

So the problem with some new additions is that they aren’t just new parts of the story, it’s that they’re undoing older parts. Han doesn’t shoot first anymore. The fall of the Empire apparently didn’t happen because it seems even stronger in 7 than in 6. All the heroes end up dying after they’ve done their not. All the hard work undone. It cheapens all the real story from before. In that sense it robs us of our childhood memories.

How do some get away with it? After all, I liked Tim Burton’s Batman, but forgot it when Nolan came along. I propose we look at the new Star Wars as Earth Two Star Wars. In one galaxy far far away was 4, 5, and 6…plus Rogue One, and MAYBE the prequels (but we’ll say they are in Earth 2 or maybe 3 to be safe).

But what’s going on in DisneyGalaxy is an alternate universe. These are new stories. Our Han, Luke, and Leia are enjoying their retirement somewhere else. 7 and 8 are a reboot. They just didn’t have the sensitivity to market it that way.

Don’t you feel better? I know I do.


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