The League of Extraordinary Indie Writers Traveling Bookstore

So, it’s time for another round of . . . I published a book and the only people who know it are people in my immediate circle. I could spend the next 500+ words lamenting the fact that as an independent writer, you are overlooked by most avid readers in lieu of better known already successful ‘big publishing’ cash cows.

Not to sound bitter.

But maybe I’ll try being productive. I have this idea, for “The League of Extraordinary Indie Writers Traveling Bookstore”!

Premise: Most indie writers have little time for self-promotion. We’d rather be writing again than trying to sell the work we just finished. On top of that, we have to maintain jobs!

So, say a writer such as myself were going to set up a booth at some event . . . like the Lions Club Bazaar or Old Timer’s Day in Peebles, Ohio. I’ll be there, so than other members of the League would send me a box or so of their assorted works. Because a writer like myself does not want to fill a booth with only the three titles he’s published.

Their books are given a share of the booth price (something like the cost of 2 cups of coffee, assuming we could manage 10 writers’ worth of books). Their books are then sold, along with the others by the person manning or womaning the booth, who marks them up something agreeable like 5-10%, to cover their time/effort of running the booth.

Books that don’t sell could be sent back or held over to another imminent event, and proceeds sent back. Booth worker would of course have to be responsible for books damaged by mishandling.

Result: Each writer gets to have their works put out there more often and in more venues than they could afford to do themselves. By having more books on display than just a few titles by one author, you draw in more visitors. Even if no books self, it’s marketing for only the cost of 2 cups of coffee. And the booth operator has a little more incentive to take time away from some other aspect of their life, bearing in mind this was an event someone in the league was already wanting to be at.

What do you say? Anyone want to pitch in? Of course, people would have to be able to decline some indie items that were offensive, but we’re writers and so there’s probably a lot more that we could share space than otherwise. Anyone game? I’m looking at the aforementioned Lions Club event, but this could work for any event where books could be sold.

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