All I Need for a Perfect Life is to Move to the Seattle Area

Or so all my relatives in that area say. =)

Despite or perhaps because of the benevolent indoctrination, it was a much needed vacation. Some highlights:

Flying to Philly before we could fly to Seattle. And having a relatively peaceful baby the whole way . . . so long as he was attached to the boob. Bonus: Having a wife whose stalwart enough to put up with it most of the way. And most of the way back.

Donuts that are not KrispyKreme (if I haven’t managed rant in your presence, let me say succinctly that all they are is sugar and air. They are disgusting. Disgusting.).


Dinner that I didn’t cook. Yes, this is the third food item, but come on, we run a restaurant over here. It’s not a vacation if we cook. Plus, we cook because we are foodies, and nothing says I love you like food. I mean what’s one of the first things God says to Adam? Here’s some fruit trees! What was the last thing that happened before the crucifixion? A meal! What happens at just about every date? A meal! Is it a coincidence that family meals and children’s welfare go hand in hand? I think not.

Playing Monopoly twice and learning valuable lessons: Don’t feel bad when the game almost bankrupts a six-year-old, because when he survives, you will still get to enjoy twenty-six happy dances from the younger player as good happens to them at your expense. Also, my skill with the dice has not improved, so that means in every game, I must land on Boardwalk/Mario and pay someone at least $2000.

Having God give me patience to stay up late, walking a screaming/clingy 11-month-old so his Mom can have an hour of sleep to herself.

Then learning to praise God when you find out your wife was staying up waiting for the clingy 11-month-old to come back to bed.

Having high-speed internet and finding its better just to spend time with family. As long as you’re playing Geometry Wars together.

Staying in a hotel and having that clean feeling under your feet and a spare bed that goes unused. Just because.

And of course. Of course. Adding a new sister to the family by way of marital alliance between my brother and their clan. We shall have no wars with them now. Oh, and God’s amazing grace of allowing it to rain before and after an outdoor wedding, but not during.

Having the maturity (at least in front of the brother’s new wife), not to tease him about their first night. Though if he’d made better eye contact, I would have given him the eye brow.


Well, now I’m back. Work awaits me. My French Bread didn’t turn out right so I’ll have to try again tomorrow, and I haven’t done any writing for two weeks. Correction I did get some writing done, but only on an outline of a non-fic. I did get some shoveling done. Waiting for another load of topsoil, but in exchange for only 25% of a new chainsaw, I got a 20-year-old one repaired (I’m trusting it will give me another ten years). And after a run tonight and some shoveling of clay for the legendary retaining wall, tomorrow I shall cry “Havoc!” and run screaming into the woods with a Stihl roaring over my head!

PS> For those outside the chainsaw world, a Stihl is a brand, not a type of bootlegging equipment.


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  1. Uncle Jeff says:

    Cool a stihl saw. I am glad you all are home safe and sound. Do you need help shoveling stuff? We shall return in July.

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