Check out my New Cover for “Evangeline” and Check out Samantha Beaty!

Cover for "Evangeline"

I’ve been dying to share this! Finally decided to go with a pro for a cover. An indie pro and friend, but nonetheless someone who has invested as much time and energy into developing their visual art as I have the written.

And it paid off. Though if you haven’t gone through it, let me give you a tip. This was not what I had envisioned, but I specifically gave Ms. Beaty a broad license. I knew this was her main artistic expression, not mine, her forte. I went in trusting she had a better vision than I did. So I gave her descriptions, told her about the characters, and the story–offered her an earlier draft. And look what she came up! It’s eye catching and epic! I love it!

 Check out Samantha Beaty for your book covering needs! She’s indie at the moment–that means between ‘real’ occupations–so that means she’s available and affordable at the moment. Let’s get her portfolio so full of book covers to show prospective employers that she asks herself, “Why would I want to go and work for someone else?” I’d rather spend all day taking photographs, painting, and editing in my pajamas with a cup of espresso!

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