My First Book Signing!

Alright, keep it together. Act like you’ve been here before.

Hey! I think I’m entitled to be excited about this sort of thing. What does it say about an artist (or any worker) who no longer gets excited about their work?

Then again, does a surgeon get up going “Today, I get to cut someone open!” Maybe they do, but some aspects of our work will probably end up being more “work.” I was glad to finish my taxes (by hand, thank you very much), but I’m not looking forward to it.

Anyway . . .  The details:

Book Signing with Local Author!

5 – 7 P.M., April 26th atWest UnionPublic Library! Meet & Greet with refreshments!

J.S. Clark is a former Marine and speculative (what-if fiction) author who you may know as Jesse at the Happy Turtle where he works with his wife Alisa. At the signing, his debut novel New Arbor Day will be available for purchase. It will also be open for discussion along with its sequel, his next novel, and other works in development including his short story series, Aiyela the Space Gypsy. You can see what else he’s cooking at, and follow him on twitter @jsclark5768.

Oh, and just for my occasional visitors, that will also be the day of the launch of Aiyela the Space Gypsy Meets Lord Yasha, to be available free on Smashwords and Amazon (when I get more of them together, I’ll put a paperback on Lulu).

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